I can't even imagine finding a young bull moose in my window well and just think about the poor sweet moose, I can't even imagine what probably went through his mind.

According to officials, the moose had fallen into a five-foot-deep window well in Keystone on Saturday night.

With teamwork from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Summit County Firefighters, the moose was tranquilized and then a pulley system was put together to pull out the extremely heavy moose which has been estimated weighing 800 to 1,000 moose.

Once the moose was pulled out of the window well it was given another drug to wake it up. The good news  ... no one has been hurt not even the moose. The moose is safe and sound and not one window was broken.

Unfortunately, with the heavier snow, it's made the wildlife make their way down to lower territory. Let's hope it doesn't happen again, nor no one gets harmed while the wildlife moves in closer and closer.


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