It's not how the boys of the Montrose Indians high school basketball team wanted to end their season but they should walk off the court with their head held high as they only took one loss all season long and that was in the state championship game on Sunday night when the team from Mead played tough and scored the 68-44 victory.

According to the Montrose Press, there were times that the Montrose boys battled back and were only down by four points but due to some crucial turnovers and excellent play by the team from Mead they walked away with the win. It was a tough game played by both teams over the weekend in Colorado Springs.

The Difference in the 4A State Championship Game

While both teams played extremely well it was difficult for Montrose to get going, as they had their lowest-scoring percentage of the season only shooting 35% from the field and 1 of 7 from beyond the three-point line. Montrose had 17 turnovers and just three assists which ended up being a recipe for disaster. The team from Mead came out strong offensively, and never stopped draining shots from all over the court.

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You Can't Be Mad At Only One Loss All Season Long

While I'm positive the boys in Montrose are still unhappy with the outcome, they have nothing to be mad about. Every other team in the state dreamed about being able to play in the game over the weekend, but they couldn't. Montrose worked hard to be there and they deserved it. Unfortunately, they came up short but going 18-1 on the season isn't bad at all.

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