The City of Montrose hasn't said much about fireworks this year leaving residents and vendors wondering what their position was. Monday night (June 18) that position became clear.

The reason not much has been said is simple. The Montrose City Council and Montrose Fire Protection District had determined fire danger within the city limits wasn't high enough to warrant a ban.

That changed, not because of increased fire danger in Montrose, but because officials felt people would buy fireworks in Montrose and take them to areas where the fire danger is extremely high.

In a gesture of good will and good sense, the sale and use of fireworks in Montrose is now officially banned through September 1. There is one exception to the ban. The annual Fourth of July fireworks show on Sunset Mesa.

If conditions and availability of firefighters change, there is still a possibility the Montrose fireworks show will be cancelled. But for now, the show will go on as scheduled.

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