A Colorado mom who went missing on Thanksgiving has captured the attention of the nation.

Kelsey Berreth went missing soon after she was spotted at a Safeway near her Woodland Park neighborhood in a white shirt, blue pants, and gray sweater. It was Thanksgiving Day and she was reportedly doing some holiday shopping...but she never arrived home for dinner.

Even weirder, Kelsey's phone pinged a few days after Thanksgiving, but not in Colorado: 800 miles away in Idaho, where the family has relatives.

According to The New York Post, Kelsey's suitcase, car, makeup, and other belongings were untouched in her home, leading the family to wonder if she left voluntarily or otherwise. Either way, it seems as though the community just wants answers about the young pilot and mother.

The FBI is now investigating, and you can follow this Facebook page for further updates on the case.

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