In the aftermath of Eddie Van Halen's death in October, Michael Anthony called up Eddie's brother Alex to express his condolences.

Speaking to Guy Favazza of KSHE in St. Louis, the former Van Halen bassist said, "I spoke briefly with Alex right after Eddie passed, but I wanted them to have their privacy. ... Alex has been pretty much grieving, or however you wanna put it, pretty much been to himself. So I'm just kind of letting that happen, and I'm sure at one point we'll talk again here or even get together."

Anthony added that he hasn't spoken to Eddie's son Wolfgang, who replaced him in the group in 2007, although he has "texted with Wolfie a couple of times, and everything is all good, obviously."

Last week, Anthony said that he and Eddie hadn't spoken for many years "and unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to. And, you know, it kind of bothers me, because we had some issues that were never resolved. But, I mean, what can you do? We were on track [for] a reunion, which I'm really sad that it never happened. But, you know, life and the show goes on."

That reunion was intended to bring Anthony and former Van Halen singers Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone back into the Van Halen fold. Van Halen's manager Irving Azoff contacted Anthony in the fall of 2018 about it, and it was leaked by David Lee Roth a few months later, but the decline of Eddie's health meant that it never got beyond a few phone calls.

Anthony had been estranged from Van Halen since the 2004 tour, which he was only allowed to participate in after taking a pay cut and signing away his rights to the band.


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