If you're looking for an incredibly unique Colorado getaway, this is the place for you. If you're wondering if the place is any good, check out the almost perfect ratings from Google and Recreation.gov.

The Mestaa’ėhehe Mountain Fire Lookout is available to rent for your next camping adventure. It's unique, affordable, and highly recommended. Who would have guessed a lookout tower on the top of a Colorado mountain could become such a desired travel destination?

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First Things First

How exactly does one pronounce Mestaa’ėhehe? Is it mess-tah-hee-hee? How about messed-up-a-hey-hey?

According to Recreation, gov, the name of the structure is pronounced mess-taw-HAY. Okay, that was going to be my next guess.

What Is It and Where Can You Find It?

This fire lookout can be found right off of Colorado Highway 103 west of Bergen Park, at the summit of Mestaa’ėhehe Mountain.

Mestaa’ėhehe Mountain Fire Lookout map
Google Maps / Canva

The lookout rests at over 11,000 feet. It was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps using native granite.

Renting the Mestaa’ėhehe Mountain Fire Lookout

Can you believe this place is for rent? While it's not exactly huge, with the cabin measuring 14' X 14', it is completely lined with windows, offering an amazing 360-degree view of the region. It comes with an electric stove, refrigerator, heat, beds, and a table and chairs.

The tower rents for $80 per night. That rate does not reflect discounts, taxes, or incremental charges. That's probably less than what you paid the last time you rented a motel room.

A Few Things You'll Need To Do

Should you choose to book a stay at the lookout, you'll need to complete several tasks as part of your rental agreement.

  • There is no cleaning staff, so all renters must thoroughly disinfect and clean before leaving.
  • All trash must be packed out at the end of your visit.
  • Renters are encouraged to bring their own supplies.
  • Follow instructions for the incinerating toilet (what is that?)

Other Activities At The Lookout

While enjoying your stay at the lookout, you may also enjoy these fun activities:

  • hiking
  • wildlife viewing
  • cross-country skiing
  • scenic driving
  • snowshoeing

Unbelievable 5-Star Reviews of Colorado's Mestaa’ėhehe Fire Lookout Tower Rental

You won't believe the incredible reviews of this Colorado attraction. You would have to search high and low to find an exclusive hotel with ratings this good. These are a few reviews from recreation.gov and Google.

For the record, I'm not affiliated in any way with this property or those who book it. Until a week ago I had never heard of the Mestaa’ėhehe Fire Lookout Tower. After looking into it, all I found were glowing reviews. With that in mind, it seemed reasonable the place may be of interest to you.

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