If you haven't been to Orchard Mesa or the Mesa County Fairgrounds lately, you might be surprised to learn about the changes that are taking place. It looks a whole lot different.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical initially when the stop light went up in front of Orchard Mesa Lions Club Park, across from City Market. I couldn't imagine an entrance to the park there being a good thing. But, now, after seeing it, it looks absolutely amazing. Ultimately, it is going to expedite traffic in and out of the fairgrounds tremendously.

There are four lanes of traffic - two going in and two going out of the park, which ultimately merge into two lanes as the road nears the fairgrounds. The intersection at the light features a double left turn lane, one lane for straight ahead traffic, and a right turn lane. The process of leaving events at the fairgrounds has just improved 100%.

Meanwhile, crews continue to work on improvements to the main entrance to the fairgrounds. All of the work at the park isn't yet done, but the road is open to traffic. It looks like a completely different place.

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