The "Mean Tweets" bit popularized by Jimmy Kimmel gets a very ugly -- and very sexist -- makeover.

Two female sportswriters sat down to listen to some mean tweets about them.

Sarah Spain, a columnist with, and fellow columnist and broadcaster Julie DiCaro, manage to endure the rude and vile comments people posted on Twitter. They're good sports about it, especially considering the vicious nature of some of them.

The tweets are so nasty, in fact, that the men reading them have trouble getting through them. They start out innocently enough, but things quickly turn cruel and heartless, with the comments delving into sex and violence (yes, some are extremely NSFW).

The internet is awash in negativity and trolls, who post under the cloak of anonymity. This video, as part of the #morethanmean campaign, serves as a powerful reminder that words do have consequences and that women in sports often deal with harassment and bullying, which needs to change. They're only doing their jobs and no one should face the scrutiny they do simply because of their gender.

As the end of the clip so importantly reminds us, "We wouldn't say it to their faces. So let's not type it."

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