It's one of those stories you hear that will put you away from eating out for a very long time. An investigation is underway after a man became violently ill from a Taco Bell burrito.

If the allegations hold true, somebody is not only getting fired but could be up on charges. How many times have you thought, "Now they're going to _____ in my food." You probably never thought they'd put actual poison in your food.


Rat poison. The sound of it just gives you the "willies," doesn't it? I saw this story and thought for sure it had happened outside of Colorado, but no, it happened in Centennial. I think of Centennial as being a friendly town; this incident would beg to differ on that opinion.

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According to 9News and the Arapahoe Sheriff's Office, ASO had to show up at this particular Taco Bell at around 1 in the afternoon (I know, it sounds like an after-midnight event) on Jan. 15 because a man was getting into an argument with employees because the soda machine wasn't working. ASO deputies left after the man was given ... an extra burrito (cue the 'duh, duh, duh music) ... and exited the Taco Bell.


Next thing you know, this man is rushed to the hospital by sheriff's deputies after calling them for assistance when he became violently ill after having eaten the food he got at that Taco Bell. The hospital apparently confirmed that one of the man's burritos had been contaminated with rat poison.


Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office went to the Taco Bell and recovered surveillance video from inside and outside of the building. The county health department came and OK'd the restaurant to resume operations.

The ASO is investigating the incident.

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