Today (via Variety) brings a new message from the front of the Wonder Woman Wars. And Wonder Woman War is Wonder Woman hell.

James Cameron opened a can of worms back in August when he spoke out in criticism of Patty Jenkins’ superhero blockbuster Wonder Woman, claiming that the public adoration of the film was “misguided” and describing the character herself as an “objectified icon.” He did not help matters when he then went on to claim that his Terminator 2 heroine Sarah Connor was a more positive female role model. Jenkins had her response, Cameron doubled down on his comments because that’s just how the mind that made Titanic works, and now further response has come from a surprising source.

Lynda Carter, the predecessor to Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman lineage and star of the long-running TV series, has a bone to pick with Cameron. She composed an irate Facebook status calling out the director, and in the strongly worded message, she really lets him have it.

The actress levied some withering disses against Cameron himself, referring to him as a “poor soul,” and denouncing his “thuggish jabs” against Jenkins. Some of us may be wondering whether Cameron will respond to this response to his response, but a smaller faction of us is definitely wondering when Cameron’s going to start dropping diss tracks. It‘s really the only dignified way to conduct a beef of any major size — sixteen bars at a time. Take the mic, Abyss-boy.

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