This Colorado driver used a red Gatorade as their tail light. Just look at their homemade tail light and what police have to say about it.

Even though this homemade tail light made from a red Gatorade is red -- Colorado police aren't having it. The Longmont Police Department posted this picture of a DIY tail light on their Facebook, and their caption was:

While we appreciated the ingenuity of this tail light, this is not a permanent solution. Working tail lights prevent accidents.

This is a DIY that you shouldn't try. Longmont Police is reminding everyone that if your tail light is broken, you need to fix them. Police also posted this law about tail lights on their Facebook too:

To be operated on a road, any motor vehicle may be equipped, and when required under this article must be equipped, with a stop lamp or lamps on the rear of the vehicle that...display red or ambter light...visible from a distance of not less than on hundred feet to the rear...

Don't be like this person and try to DIY your tail light, just get them fixed.

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