Stone Mountain Systems, LLC puts their clients first. Owned and operated by Grand Junction natives, Stone Mountain Systems, LLC offers over 18 years of experience with computers and networks of all kinds.

Frank Palmaisano, Head of IT Services, has his masters degree in computer science and is able to offer advanced computer services. Stone Mountain Systems, LLC offers a level of customer service that is unmatched. This is why they are the computer service you should choose when you require more.

We know how important computing is to your business or home: When your computer goes to black screen, or your network is down, your project or report, your financial transactions, or even your entire business, can come to a standstill.

You want to be functioning again as soon as possible, with your data secure, in the most cost effective way possible.

At Stone Mountain Systems, LLC, we put our clients first. All repairs recommendations are made with your best interests in mind. We are fully licensed and ready to serve, whether one computer or 100!