Hillary Clinton's candidacy for president has gotten off to a bumpy start.

Not for her, but for a little boy who had his own eyes on the office.

In this video, a little boy named Zeke is absolutely devastated Clinton is running for president because he wanted to run. He's crushed and his mother does what any good mother would do -- try and soothe the pain.

Zeke has quite the platform, too. He says he would play and toys. You read that right -- play and toys, although we assume he means play with toys.

Zeke can't run for president until he's 35, but it's probably best he doesn't know that. It's a shame, too, because a kid this cute would probably pick up a lot of support, don't you think?

Zeke is ready for Hillary. Just not in the way she'd probably expect...(This was Z's immediate reaction to viewing HRC's announcement video. Instant meltdown.)

Posted by Erin Celello on Sunday, April 12, 2015

Of course, Clinton was probably too busy being a regular average Joe to get wind of Zeke's meltdown. Here she is going totally undetected at Chipotle. Hey, even aspiring presidents need to eat.

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