It looks as though we can count on snowfall all this week. The National Weather Service shows a 90% chance of snow on Friday. We asked listeners to show us the view from their front porch. Here's what you sent.

As you are no doubt aware, Denver International Airport is cancelling flights right and left. There have been at least two significant rock slides in Colorado. While the Grand Junction area didn't get hit too hard, we did at least receive a little snow.

Let's take a brief tour of Grand Junction, Clifton, Palisade, and even Moab, with a handful of your photos. We even received a few from portions of Colorado not on the Western Slope.


Melissa Diane


Deneen Le Turgez Oatman


Karen Record


London Nix Sinclair


Beth Winter


Wendy Dixon

What the ??????..... meanwhile in Fruita.....

Russel N Cassie LaRue

Grand Junction

Roy Carey


Kim McGinnis


Tarah Sinicki


Cody Cass

Check out the photo directly above. That was taken this morning in Clifton. A buddy of mine who lives in Clifton came over to my house in GJ this morning, and was shocked by how little snow had fallen at my place. It seems Clifton got hit pretty hard. Fruita, on the other hand, received nothing. According to the posts on Facebook, the same goes for Loma.

National Weather Service

I, for one, enjoy the snow. Not a lot, necessarily, but I do enjoy it. This week is going to be both wet and cold, with lows in the teens, and rain and snow every day this week. Please be careful out there and plan a little extra travel time. Oh, and don't forget to bring the pets inside.

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