Glenn Frey minced few words when he took the stage to induct Linda Ronstadt into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Thursday night.

"It's about time," he said in a booming voice. "Linda's legacy gives us so much to celebrate and contemplate." The Eagles' guitarist had nothing but gushing praise for the country-rock pioneer; Frey gave Ronstadt credit for encouraging him and Don Henley to put together the Eagles, and was grateful that she covered 'Desperado.'

But he also acknowledged her career detours and willingness to take risks -- that found her making an album of Mexican mariachi music to appearing on Broadway. "Linda lives in a place where art trumps commerce," he says. "Where hard work and integrity trump fame and failure. She never wanted to be a star -- she only wanted to make good music."

Frey did note that Ronstadt, who was unable to travel to the ceremony, sent her regards nonetheless. In the end, he said, "she is one of the great voices of all time."

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