You wouldn't think it would end like this. A new video shows a squirrel and a big buck fighting over a food source. The squirrel ends up kinda winning.

You'll notice this doesn't begin well for the squirrel. The buck realizes that the squirrel is trying to get some of his grub and stomps him away. The squirrel doesn't give up easy though.

The person who shared the video provided the play-by-play:

Buck and squirrel arguing over food on a very snowy day! The result was squirrel ended up getting to food while the buck wasn’t looking.

I don't normally think of deer and squirrels as natural adversaries, but maybe I need to rethink the food chain.

Near the end of the video, the squirrel ends up sneaking some bites. There's a lot to be said over the size of the determination and not the size of the animal I guess.

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