Renovations are nearly complete at Grand Junction's Las Colonias Park, and one new feature is absolutely amazing. Have you seen the bicycle "Fixit" station featured near the trail head?

What do you do if you experience a flat tire while riding along the Colorado River? Swing by the "Fixit" repair station, fix that flat, and pump up your tire. It's free, convenient, and more than anything, it's there.

Several tools are included at the station, including screwdrivers and wrenches. Of course, they are chained to the structure, so they are not free for the taking.

Also included is a very cool pump. Tire flat? Maybe just a little low? No problem. It's all built into one unit. You'll also notice the built-in bike stand, very similar to those you'll find at the professional bike repair shops.

Even if you don't have a problem with your bike, you'll still  want to use the thing - it's just that cool. You'll find the "Fixit" station at Las Colonias Park, between the newly constructed gazebo and the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens.

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