"Holy buckets Batman," did you hear that?

More than 40 arrests happened over a three-day span during one of the largest black-market marijuana busts in Colorado history.

Although these were the first arrest during this investigation the search actually started in 2016 with the North Metro Task Force.

According to the Department of Justice, the homes that were under investigation happened in "fairly upscaled neighborhoods."

While harsh, the punishments are meant to deter others from doing the same thing. Ouch ... hard lesson.

For those that have 100 or more marijuana plants will face a minimum mandatory prison sentence of five years.

Minimum of a ten-year sentence and a maximum of life in prison for those that have over 1,000 marijuana plants.

Wowza, that's totally not worth the trouble.

More than over 250 locations including eight businesses have been searched since the investigation started which also covered the following county's as well:

  • 120 in Adams County
  • 63 in Arapahoe County
  • 22 in Douglas County
  • 22 in Weld County
  • 17 in Jefferson County
  • 7 in Denver County
  • 3 in El Paso County
  • 1 in Broomfield County

SOURCE: Channel7News

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