If you could only go to one more concert in your lifetime, who would it be?

I asked the question recently on our Facebook page to get into the minds of our listeners and several of the responses surprised me. Though the question implied a future concert, most chose to go retro with their responses.

I was surprised that nobody said the Eagles or Paul McCartney. And since so many choices were flashbacks, I'm shocked that nobody said the Beatles. Personally, I'm with Nan who lamented the difficult task of selecting only one.

The most popular responses were definitely Elvis and Queen. If you could go back in time, you're unlikely to be disappointed by either one.

Chad suggested Fleetwood Mac - but only with Lindsey Buckingham. Doubtful that will be happening again anytime soon, considering their recent parting of ways.

Shari said Elton John would be her last concert if she could choose. Elton is not what he used to be vocally, but, he's so iconic, you just know it would be a great show.

If I'm going retro, I would say Whitney Houston would be my concert of choice. If I had once last concert to see, it has to be Lionel Richie - so many great hits.

Here are some of the other responses:

*Led Zeppelin

*Yanni with full orchestra

*George Strait

*Crosby, Stills & Nash

*ZZ Top


*Garth Brooks



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