A fan ran onto the field during the championship game of the Junior College World Series at Suplizio Field in Grand Junction, but nobody seemed too concerned about it.

The 2015 JUCO World Series Championship game was only competitive for one inning, eventually won by Northwest Florida State 15-1 over McClennan.

This fan apparently thought the evening needed to be spiced up a bit and ran out onto the field during the 7th inning stretch posing with one of the players, engaging in some push ups, and then scampering over the outfield wall.

Two surprising things happened. The fans seemed to cheer the disruptive youth, which I totally did not understand. Secondly, the young man was on the field for about minute, but there did not seem to be any effort by security, the umpires, or JUCO officials to remove the disruption.

I would find that a bit disconcerting if I were a member of one of the teams on the field, not knowing what the intentions were of the unruly fan.

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