Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain announced the release of his third faith-based album, More Like Jesus, due on May 3.

It follows 2016’s What God Wants to Hear and 2017’s Christmas LP Unsung Noel.

You can watch a lyric video for the new release’s title track below.

“I’m just very prolific when it comes to music for God,” Cain told Billboard in a recent interview. “These days that's what I'm writing, and I'm having a blast with it. I'm recording in my new studio and I get to play with the A-list players in Nashville, 'cause they're happy to get away from country for a minute.”

He noted that he's "just writing all the time – for Journey too, but this thing with worship music is really fun. It's another gig that I don't get burned out on, and I have a lot of energy I can offer when I come back to Journey.”

He said he was planning to play a handful of worship shows to support the album and that he was already four tracks into another solo record, while also gathering ideas for a potential new Journey album that could be part of their plans after taking most of 2019 off.

“We've been riding the horse a lot. That was a big tour last year with Def Leppard, right?” he said. “So having a break's been good. I've been playing golf again.”

Cain also expressed pleasure at former Journey singer Steve Perry’s return with the 2018 solo album Traces. “I thought it was really great to hear him singing again and writing again and back in the spotlight,” he said. “I’m really happy for him. I think there's a lot more to come from him too.”

Jonathan Cain, ‘More Like Jesus’ Track Listing
“More Like Jesus”
“Now Unto Him”
“Tell Your Mountain”
“Kingdom Come Down”
“Love Carries The Cross”
“Beautiful In Every Way”
“Only In The Arms”
“Already Victorious”
“Take These Ashes”
“Better Man”
“Remove Every Veil”
“For He Has Risen”



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