No, it's not just you — the rest of Colorado is sneezing and sniffling too.

Why? Well, according to new research from Betway Insider, Colorado ranks in the Top 20 for states with an allergy problem.

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The website reports that with around 1,600 Centennial State residents Google searching "hay fever" in 2023, Colorado is the 13th-worst state in the U.S. for hay fever.

It makes sense that Coloradans are searching for allergy relief.

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Wyndly notes that pollen from trees, grasses, and other plants are the common culprits for allergies in the Centennial State, and the pollen count here worsens in April, May, and June.

The company says that plants like tumbleweed, sagebrush, ragweed, elm trees, cottonwood trees, aspen trees, juniper trees, cedar trees, oak trees, and maple trees are the most likely to make your nose tingle in Colorado.

So, how do you fight these allergens? Wyndly recommends keeping your yard trimmed, staying up to date with the daily pollen count, cleaning your house regularly, and avoiding the outdoors during high-pollen times.

Thankfully, Colorado isn't the absolute worst place for allergy sufferers.

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Betway Insider ranks New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, and California in the Top 5 for hay fever-affected states — the latter of which has 14,800 residents searching for allergy relief in 2023.

Learn more about the best ways to beat pollen allergies (and how to recognize symptoms you may not realize are from hay fever) in the galleries below.

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