Colorado has experienced 11 traffic fatalities in just six days, according to a new press release from Colorado State Patrol (CSP).

The agency said the deaths occurred between Saturday, May 27, and Thursday, June 1, and called them "a stark reminder that our roadways support all members of our communities."

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CSP provided the following details about the "avoidable" deaths:

  • May 27 | 17-year-old dead | Jefferson County | improper left turn into traffic
  • May 27 | 22-year-old dead | Jefferson County | following too closely
  • May 28 | 22-year-old dead | Jefferson County | excessive speed
  • May 28 | 49-year-old dead | Jefferson County | cause not available
  • May 29 | 50-year-old dead | Garfield County | lane violation
  • May 30 | 68-year-old dead | Pueblo County | distracted driving
  • May 30 | 73-year-old dead | Weld County | improper left turn into traffic
  • May 30 | 10-year-old dead | Kit Carson County | pedestrian violation
  • May 31 | 45-year-old dead | Weld County | impairment
  • June 1 | 19-year-old dead | Jefferson County | impairment
  • June 1 | 36-year-old dead | Jefferson County | pedestrian violation

"The ability to safely travel within our community or across the state directly impacts the quality of life for all Coloradans," said Col. Matthew C. Packard, Chief of CSP, in the release. "Until every license holder recognizes and acts upon the responsibility they hold, we won't stop shattering annual death records on our roadways."

Earlier this year, CSP said hit-and-runs in Colorado have risen by 22% from 2022 to 2023. Previously, the agency revealed that 2022 was the Centennial State's worst year for traffic deaths since 1981.

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