From chains like In-N-Out Burger to mom-and-pop favorites, the Centennial State is all about the food.

Still, Colorado prefers some types of food more than others — at least, according to new research from Pricelisto.

The company took to Google search data to see which cuisines residents in every state are searching for the most. As a whole, the U.S. has a soft spot for Chinese food, but Colorado stands out.

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According to Pricelisto, Mexican cuisine is the favorite in the Centennial State, with nearly 200,000 residents searching Google for "Mexican food" each month.

This shouldn't be surprising, considering Colorado's love for the green chile — a staple in Mexican cuisine — and plethora of Mexican restaurants.

Pricelisto also noted that the Centennial State's affinity for tacos, enchiladas, and the like appears to supersede residents' concerns about delivery costs.

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"These insights show that there is a lot of conformity with what take-outs are being ordered and what restaurants people are visiting, especially as they are similar in most states," said a spokesperson for the company. "As the cost of living continues to rise, and visiting restaurants or having food delivered becomes more expensive, this data shows the cuisines that people will still be happy to spend money on."

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Along with Chinese and Mexican food, other popular cuisines in the U.S. include Italian, Indian, and Thai.

Check out some of Colorado's best-rated Mexican restaurants in the gallery below.

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