Each year, numerous conventions make their way through Colorado which are catered to hobbies like comic book collecting, exotic pet keeping, and building guitars, to name a few.

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Recently, one of these expos took over a convention center in Colorado that focused on various types of dolls, and enthusiasts of this particular hobby showed up in droves.

What is Colorado's Doll and Toy Supershow?

The convention took place this past Sunday, March 24 at the Crowne Plaza DIA Convention Center in Denver, a new venue for the wildly popular Doll and Toy Supershow.

With the popularity of the recent Barbie movie, it's no surprise that the show was not just filled with more characters under the Barbie umbrella than some might even realize existed, but also plenty of fans of the franchise.

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However, there were also plenty of other dolls from franchises such as Star Wars, American Girl, Batman, and even Stephen King's 'It.'

While the show naturally focused on dolls that you might find in a child's toy box, the most expensive item at the show was a rare copy of the first Amazing Spider-Man comic book, a collector's item valued at a whopping $10,000.

While it's safe to say that this year's Doll and Toy Supershow was a success overall, the new venue did pose some issues with crowding and difficulty finding parking, but that didn't stop Colorado doll enthusiasts from showing up en masse.

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