It seems like there are conventions and expos for nearly every taste. There are expos for exotic pet keepers, comic book fans, and even a custom guitar and luthier expo that all come to Colorado at least once a year.

That being said, there is even an expo that specializes in things like hearses, skeletons, aliens, and other macabre creations that will be returning to the Centennial State this year as well.

Keep scrolling to learn about the Oddity and Bizarre Expo.

Oddity and Bizarre Expo Returns to Colorado

The Oddity and Bizarre Expo is a must-see for anyone who's intrigued by things like skeletons, and aliens, and/or has an overall interest in the macabre.

However, this particular expo isn't just creepy or scary, it's also a little playful in nature.

For example, you'll likely find fake skeletons sitting in the passenger seats of hearses wearing sunglasses, skeletons dressed up as Santa Claus, and some of the macabre creations almost resemble Muppets in appearance.

How Can I Check Out the Oddity and Bizarre Expo in Colorado?

While the most popular expo that revolves around oddities makes a stop in Denver each year, this particular expo will be returning to Colorado Springs this coming April 20 and 21, 2024.

Like years past, the expo will take place at the Colorado Springs Expo Center which is located at 3960 Palmer Park Boulevard in the Olympic City.

You can check out the Oddity and Bizarre Expo's website for tickets and information, but in the meantime keep scrolling to check out some highlights from the 2019 expo to get a taste of what's to come:

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