Colorado's eastern plains are a stark contrast to the Rocky Mountains for which the state is well-known. In fact, the topography of this part of the state more closely mimics that of neighboring Kansas.

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It's because of this that, like Kansas, these plains have historically been known to experience tornadoes, including one that unfortunately damaged a motel owned by a family with big hearts.

Tornado Damages Colorado Motel Known for Helping the Needy

FOX31 Denver via YouTube
FOX31 Denver via YouTube

Meet Stephanie and Fred Skubal, owners of a ten-room motel in the small rural town of Anton, Colorado.

Not only do the Skubals own and operate the motel, but it also serves as their family home.

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In addition, the Skubals help out less fortunate members of the community by providing a roof over to those who need it, as well as "provide a warm meal, structure, some animals to get your mind straight."

The family has been helping out the community in this way for roughly nine years, but that all changed as the recent tornado ripped off a good portion of the building's roof, broke some windows, and caused other forms of damage that are in need of repair.

The charitable family plans to continue to help the community via charity work and eventually start a nonprofit in the same vein, but for now, their biggest goal is to raise enough money to fix the damage caused by the tornado through a GoFundMe.


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