The state of Colorado has seen numerous changes in rules and regulations when it comes to marijuana since it was legalized for recreational purposes roughly a decade ago, the most recent of which have just gone into effect to coincide with the new year.

New Colorado Marijuana Rules: Safer + Uncontaminated Weed

One of the changes made to Colorado’s marijuana laws will make it much less likely that a consumer will find themselves purchasing a product that has been contaminated. The new regulation not only lays out acceptable means of decontaminating marijuana found with mold, fungus, or other contaminants but requires special labeling for products that have previously been decontaminated.

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New Colorado Marijuana Rules: Easier Access for Growers

Another new change will give growers easier access to things like seeds, clones, and starter plants. Previously, producers didn’t have the easiest time legally obtaining these types of things, but now they will be allowed to obtain them from legitimate sources within the state of Colorado or certain other states that have also legalized marijuana.

New Colorado Marijuana Rules: Change to Limits at Consumption Lounges

Currently, Colorado has three licensed consumption lounges with only one currently operating, but the new year is bringing new, more lenient limits to what adults can purchase. Previously, the limits as to what an adult could purchase at a consumption lounge were designed to be low enough for the customer to consume onsite and if not, it would be discarded.

Now, the limits for what an adult can purchase at a consumption lounge are similar to the rules dispensaries have in place which include a full ounce of marijuana flower; an amount that is absolutely unreasonable to be consumed onsite.


Take a Look Around a Colorado Licensed Pot Consumption Lounge

The Coffee Joint opened its doors in 2018 to become Denver’s first licensed marijuana consumption lounge, and is currently the only one in the United States:

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

Tour Colorado’s ‘Medicine Man Weed Factory’ Marijuana Facility

Take a virtual tour of Colorado’s ‘Medicine Man Weed Factory’ and check out all of their marijuana growing operations.

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

The World’s Largest Outdoor Marijuana Retail Farm is In Colorado

Los Suenos Farms is located in Southwestern Colorado and is the world’s largest outdoor retail cultivator of marijuana in the world.

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

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