Mother Nature is nothing short of remarkable. Ecosystems rely on innumerable factors such as plants and wildlife to thrive, and any small change can result in massive consequences.

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Human influence often acts as a viable factor with regard to the aforementioned ecosystems and while this type of intervention can be negative, oftentimes it is necessary for positive change.

Today, a river in Western Colorado that has long been famous for its trout fishing appears to be in need of some human intervention in order to bring balance not just to the sport of fishing, but the ecosystem as well.

Colorado’s Fryingpan River’s Problem: What Happened?

Colorado's Fryingpan River is located in the state's Roaring Fork Valley near Aspen and has been a destination spot for anglers for many years. However, recent times have seen a shift in the population between the long sought after Rainbow Trout and the smaller, less desirable Brown Trout.

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According to the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife, the fact that the catch-and-release method of fishing has become so popular has vastly contributed to the issue. CPW has reported that roughly 85% of anglers that fish Fryingpan River release their catches which has resulted in a staggering 97% of the river's fish being Brown Trout, with only 2% being Rainbow Trout.

What Changes Are Being Proposed for Colorado Anglers?

Currently, anglers are permitted to take home two Brown Trout, up to 14 inches in length, per day and are required to toss back any further trout caught.

However, a change in the rule is being proposed in which anglers would instead be permitted to take home four trout with the 14-inch rule being eliminated altogether.

If approved, this measure would go into effect on April 1, 2025.

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