For those who regularly eat meat as a part of their diet, sitting down to a nice steak or even a juicy burger is not just commonplace, but widely accepted. However, if the meat in that same meal came from, say, a dog or a cat, eating it would not only carry a heavy stigma but might even carry some legal ramifications in the state of Colorado.

How Illegal is it to Eat Dog or Cat Meat in the State of Colorado?

Up until 2018, it was perfectly legal to slaughter and sell the meat of domesticated animals like dogs and cats in 44 of the United States of America.

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However, for roughly six years, it has been illegal to "knowingly slaughter, transport, possess, buy, sell or donate dogs or cats or their parts for human consumption" following the passage of a Federal bill.

So, not only is it against the law to take part in practically any part of the process of using the meat from these types of animals as food, but the United States Government went a step further and reached out to the governing bodies of numerous other countries asking to halt the trade of domesticated pet meat for human consumption.

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While this measure effectively outlawed the production of dog and cat meat in slaughterhouses and brick-and-mortar suppliers, there is still a gray area when it comes to individuals procuring and selling these types of meat to other individuals not involved in the food industry.

However, in Colorado, anyone who breaks the aforementioned law that addresses this issue can be penalized with a fine of up to $5,000.

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