Browsing through real estate listings in Colorado can be a fun activity, especially considering the plethora of massive, fancy homes, retro homes from the state's past, and even some that fall into both of these categories.

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The home we're going to take a look at today not only falls into both the categories of fancy homes and retro homes but is so unique that it would be near impossible to replicate its features today.

Colorado Home in Ritzy Neighborhood Dates Back to 1958

With the possible exception of ski resort towns, the fanciest neighborhood in the state of Colorado is a Denver suburb known as Cherry Hills Village.

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It's here that you'll find multi-million dollar homes with tons of living space, but the home at 3701 South Corona Street stands out among its Cherry Hills Village neighbors.

The home was built during the Eisenhower administration in 1958 and sits on a 2.5-acre lot adjacent to a sizeable duck pond.

The 3,428-square-foot house itself consists of four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a two-car garage, hardwood flooring, vaulted ceilings, and more.

In addition, the home is surrounded by large trees, a rarity for newer homes located in the upper-class Cherry Hills Village.

Currently listed for $2.69 million, this idyllic home is truly in a class of its own.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual tour of this classic and classy property originally built back in 1958 in what many consider to be one of the fanciest neighborhoods in the state of Colorado:

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