The picturesque mountain town of Estes Park is one of the coolest places in Colorado to visit. Estes Park is high in the mountains west of Fort Collins and is home to The Stanley Hotel, a beautiful downtown area, and most recently, serves as the setting for the famous Frozen Dead Guy Days celebration.

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While the town has been a popular destination for tourists for many years, one local business that is undoubtedly a staple of Estes Park may bring even more visitors to the mountain town as it is currently nominated for being the best candy shop in the nation.

Estes Park Colorado Candy Shop May Be Named Best in the Country

A visit to Estes Park should almost always be accompanied by a stroll downtown. It's there that you'll find numerous amazing restaurants, various mom-and-pop retail stores, and the famous candy shop that is nominated for a prestigious award.

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Aptly named The Taffy Shop, this Estes Park staple has been supplying Coloradans and tourists alike with innumerable flavors of saltwater taffy for nearly 90 years.

Now thriving as much as ever in 2024, The Taffy Shop has been nominated as "best candy store" by USA Today and according to the shop's current owner, was ranked second place out of 20 different shops.

Votes are being accepted now through this coming Monday, June 10, with the final list of winners set to be released the following Wednesday, June 19.

LOOK: Estes Park Colorado’s First Frozen Dead Guy Days

For the first time ever, Colorado’s Frozen Dead Guy Days celebration was held in Estes Park instead of Nederland where it had taken place since 2002.

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The annual Estes Park Rotary Duck Race Festival is a Colorado tradition dating back to 1989 and there are plenty of great reasons to attend this year.

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Take a Virtual Tour of Colorado's Haunted Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is widely known to be haunted.

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