Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, is easily one of the most famous and most celebrated entertainers of modern times. In addition to his numerous contributions to music and film, there are plenty of strange-but-true tall tales attached to the performer.

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For example, Elvis was famous for his large appetite that, oftentimes, could only be satiated with huge peanut butter, jelly, and bacon sandwiches, as well as firing a shot into his television at one point, and of course, his extravagant spending habits.

However, one aspect of Elvis Presley's life that many may not be familiar with is that he was a big fan of skiing and snowmobiling in Colorado. In fact, The King owned property in at least one of the state's famous ski towns and there is documented footage of Elvis and his longtime wife Priscilla Presley snowmobiling on Aspen Mountain with some friends that has luckily been preserved for many years.

Vintage Footage of Elvis + Priscilla Presley Snowmobiling in Aspen Colorado

The footage of Elvis, Priscilla, and friends enjoying a snowmobile outing in Aspen begins with a shot of several people slowly driving their snowmobiles down a sort of path.

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It's later revealed that the snowmobiler dressed in all yellow is The King himself, Elvis Presley. Not only is Elvis donning a yellow jacket and pants, but he also appears to be wearing a goofy yellow hat.

The footage goes on to show Elvis driving his snowmobile through some trees, a priceless smile-turned-laugh from Priscilla, and various other wholesome scenes showing the group enjoying their day on the slopes.

Check out some highlights from this vintage footage below:

WATCH: Elvis + Priscilla Presley Snowmobile in Aspen Colorado

The King himself, Elvis Presley, was a big fan of skiing and snowmobiling in Colorado. Check out some vintage footage of him and Priscilla enjoying the snow.

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