There's no question that traveling via plane is not what many would consider a pleasant experience. Sure, it's not so bad once you're in the air, watching a movie and relaxing, but going through the airport is never anything less than a headache.

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If you've traveled via Colorado's largest airport, Denver International Airport, you're likely familiar with the winding maze that resembles a mosh pit in which waiting in a line with other sweaty would-be passengers to go through security is commonplace.

Most likely because of the chore that air travel has become, it has been alleged by one major airline that many are taking advantage of services provided to the handicapped in order to make their trips a little less stressful and, well, sweaty.

Are Colorado Passengers Faking Disabilities to Ease the Stress of Air Travel?

Luckily for passengers with disabilities, airports and airlines have made it less stressful for this segment of the population to go through the motions of air travel faced by the general public.

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However, the CEO of Frontier Airlines, Barry Biffle, has recently made a claim that able-bodied passengers have been faking disabilities in order to surpass lines, often in wheelchairs that they do not need.

While Frontier Airlines has a major presence at Denver International Airport, this kind of abuse of privileges offered to the less privileged segment of the population is thought to be taking place at more than just the aforementioned airline you'll find at DIA's Terminal East.

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