Elitch Gardens is a Colorado classic with 40 rides and 6 roller coasters. Whether you go there for the thrills or the family fun, Elitch’s has something for just about everybody.

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It’s also a place that has a long and, admitted, a strange history. Starting out in 1890, Elitch’s stayed at its first location for over 100 years. However, it made its move to its current spot in 1994, and looks like it will move again.

Elitch’s is truly a strange case, since almost no park moves once, let alone three times.

For the time being, we need to appreciate the park as it stands right now, since it is a part of the fabric of the Front Range and Denver in particular. 

With the season starting to get underway, it is worth looking at four changes that will be coming to Elitch’s for this year that will affect your experience.

Thanks to Redditor PlyingKibbles89, we can get an in depth look at these changes.

The Classic Roller Coaster, Sidewinder, Will Likely Be Open More Often This Season

YouTube // Themeparkfanatic
YouTube // Themeparkfanatic

If you’re a fan of the classic roller coaster, Sidewinder, you’ll be happy to know that it should be running more consistently this year.

In the past, the ride experienced a lot of downtime. It was to the point where it wasn’t uncommon to see it only run at very specific times of the week

With the new renovations made to the ride this offseason along with the beginning of the year, Sidewinder will likely be open a whole lot more.

However, there’s not necessarily any word yet on when the ride will be reopening to the public. If you’ve been to Elitch’s and Sidewinder was open, please let us know.

Tower of Doom Has Also Been Refurbished and Will Run More Consistently

YouTube // Themeparkfanatic
YouTube // Themeparkfanatic

One of Elitch’s most thrilling rides, Tower of Doom, has also experienced a lot of downtime as well.

While it is not to the extent that Sidewinder experienced, it’s still a bummer for many park goers who want to experience one of Elitch’s best rides.

However, the ride also got a refurbishment, meaning it will also be thrilling riders more consistently this season.

Some Smaller Changes for This Season at Elitch's

There’s also two more changes that will be coming to the park as well, one of them will be for a ride and the other will be a difference in getting through the front gate.

For starters, Blazin’ Buckaroo, the park’s coaster geared towards children, will no longer require guests over 54” to ride with a child. This means if you really want to, you can ride alone as an adult.

The last change comes to how you can use passes to get in the park. If you’ve got a season pass, you can finally use a digital version of your pass to get into the park. While it’s a great addition, it is weird it took them so long to do this.

That’s it for the major changes at Elitch’s this season. If you’ve been to the park since it opened, let us know if there’s anything else you’ve noticed that’s different this year.

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