Summer in Colorado is one of the incredible reasons to live here. It simply is one of the most beautiful states to be in during the hotter months.

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There’s also plenty of amazing activities to participate in as well.

You can always go to a Rockies game with your family or friends, and since they are an objectively terrible team, ticket prices are incredibly affordable.

You’ve also got some awesome theme parks here as well, with Elitch’s and Lakeside’s seasons just getting underway. 

Finally, truly one of the best reasons to be here in Colorado in the summer is the incredible nature. You truly will not find a more beautiful and colorful state to be in than Colorado in the summer.

However, if you’re looking to get outside and have a cookout with your family this summer, there are a couple of rules you need to know before getting started.

Colorado’s Rules for Grilling in the Summer


Some may not know this, but there are a few rules and laws you need to follow when grilling here in Colorado.

In fact, there’s laws at the state level along with ones that are specific to Larimer County as well. 

To start off, many people have wooden or other combustible balconies in their backyard. In Colorado, you are not allowed to have a charcoal or open-flame cooking device on these surfaces.

You also cannot have an open flame grill within 10 feet of combustible construction as well.

However, there are a few exceptions. 

For one, if you live in a one or two person household, you’re allowed to do this. If your balcony or building are protected with an automatic sprinkler system, it is also allowed. Finally, if you have a grill that runs on a two and a half pound propane tank, this rule is also exempt.

Typically, grills use the 20 pound propane tanks, so this is pretty specific.

Grilling Rules Specific to Fort Collins


In Fort Collins, there’s also another rule that involves grills along with controlled fires in general.

If a fire is negatively impacting you, specifically if the smoke is excessive, in an inappropriate time of day, or is too close to the property line, people can call the Nuisance Hotline (which is (970) 416-2200) and report you.

If you live outside of Fort Collins or Larimer County, check your own municipality’s rules to see if there are grilling laws specific to where you live.

If you’d like to ignore these laws completely, check out what has been voted the best BBQ restaurant in all of Colorado.

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