If you’re a Coloradan, Red Rocks is one of those places you need to go to. While it may feel like everyone has been there, you’d be surprised how many people haven’t been.

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If they haven’t, don’t judge them. Help them by going through the schedule with them. Friends help friends.

However, for the ones who have been, there might be a couple of changes coming to the venue that will change your concert experience this summer.

Red Rocks is Changing Their Security System


As noted by The Denver Post, Red Rocks will be making an overhaul to their security systems.

If you remember, they used to search people’s bags, and also used the classic hand-held metal detectors.

However, they will be switching to a new system, which is the Evolv Express magnetometers. This is an upgrade in tech, being able to detect guns and weapons while ignoring other metal objects, hence why bag checks will no longer be required.

There Are Upgrades to the Visitor’s Center and Paths


Red Rocks will be adding new additions and upgrading the Visitor’s Center. However, there will be some elements that will be striped.

The restaurant, theater, and gallery have all been removed, for example. The Denver Post notes it will likely be changed to house interactive exhibits.

On the other hand, the restrooms got much needed upgrades, along with new family and gender-neutral bathrooms as well.

Finally, there have been many changes to the paths. Slopes have been changed to be more accessible for those with disabilities, poles along sidewalks to increase driver visibility of pedestrians, along with other upgrades. 

While some of these upgrades may seem marginal, there will be more to keep an eye on that will start in the fall of 2024.

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