In a serendipitous turn of events, a handful of Western Colorado photographic memories captured by the late Grand Junction Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant has recently come to light.

Tucked away in a forgotten storage container amidst an array of miscellaneous items, these unaltered prints offer a captivating glimpse into the essence of western Colorado. Each frame narrates a unique story; emergencies to landmarks, wildlife encounters to carefree moments of people simply enjoying life.

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Random Photos Found In a Box

What makes these photographs truly intriguing is their untouched state. Unlike the digitally enhanced images that dominate our visual landscape today, these prints retain their raw authenticity. It's akin to opening a time capsule and being transported back to an era where simplicity and genuine experiences reigned supreme.

When it comes to the photos displayed here, these are the prints that, shall we say, didn't make the cut. Bob may have been unhappy with the exposure, the dodging may be off, or perhaps the cropping was not to his liking. It's hard to tell. In any event, these prints found their way to the darkroom floor, or File #13 (trash can), whichever was most handy.

Random Photos From Western Colorado

Among the collection, one can find snapshots of emergency responders in action. Then again, you may find a picture of a little kid petting a cow.

Equally captivating are the depictions of iconic landmarks scattered throughout western Colorado. Grant's lens immortalizes the timeless beauty of the region.

People Enjoying Their Lives In Grand Junction and Western Colorado

In contrast to the solemnity of emergencies and the grandeur of natural wonders, Grant's lens also captures the lighthearted moments of everyday life. Families fishing, and friends sharing laughter on the water - these scenes of simple joys serve as a reminder of the inherent happiness found in the simplest of pleasures.

Do You See Anyone You Recognize?

Moreover, the photographs beckon viewers to embark on a journey of recognition, prompting them to identify familiar faces and places hidden within the frames. Perhaps you'll spot a friend amidst a crowd gathered at a local sporting event. It's a nostalgic exercise, and it can be tons of fun. I found an image in this batch featuring my great-grandfather. It never fails - anytime I publish one of these galleries someone finds an image of a friend, relative, or sometimes, themselves.

Recently Found Under a House

No one has seen any of these photos in over 40 years. They've been resting not-so-comfortable in a storage container stuffed with random items. That box was recently discovered by yours truly in a crawlspace under the home belonging to Robert Grant's late daughter (and my mother), Gloria.

Over the last 12 months, every piece of Bob Grant's photo collection, including tens of thousands of prints, tens of thousands of negatives, his awards, and some of his photography gear, has been donated to the Museum of the West in Grand Junction. The prints shown here, as previously stated, represent the last of his photographs. I fully realize I've said this before, but with each discovery of more prints, It is my belief they are the last.

Through Robert Grant's lens, we are granted a window into the tapestry of life in western Colorado.

More Classic Robert Grant Photos Found In a Box Volume 4

Step into the captivating world of classic Western Colorado through the lens of the late photographer Robert Grant. Our photo gallery showcases Grant's remarkable work, capturing the essence of this rugged landscape with striking imagery.

As the former chief photographer for the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Grant had a keen eye for both the extraordinary and the everyday moments that define life in this region. His portfolio spans a diverse range of subjects, from wildlife in their natural habitats to gripping emergencies where heroes emerge.

But Grant's lens didn't only focus on the dramatic; he also had a knack for capturing the lighter side of life in Western Colorado. Through his photos, we glimpse people of all ages and backgrounds having fun, whether it's exploring the great outdoors, attending community events, or simply enjoying each other's company.

Each image was recently discovered in a storage container belonging to Robert Grant's late daughter, Gloria. These photos haven't seen the light of day in over 40 years. Join us in celebrating his legacy as we journey through this visual tribute to Western Colorado's past.

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

A Few More Classic Colorado Photos By Robert Grant

I know I've said this a dozen times before, but these are the last images from the personal collection belonging to Grand Junction, Colorado photographer Robert Grant. These were found over the New Year's weekend while searching through a box of Bob's personal items. How they became separated from the rest of his photos is a mystery.

These images appear to cover a handful of decades, with subject matter from the Lands End HIllclimb, Space Shuttle Columbia, and the Boy Scouts.

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

Random Photos From Western Colorado To Celebrate Robert Grant's 100th Birthday

This Saturday, May 27, 2023 would have been Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant's 100th birthday. In honor of his special day, here are a selection of random photos by Robert Grant.

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

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