Yesterday, June 4, 2023, musicians from across Western Colorado gathered in Grand Junction to pay their respects to singer, guitarist, and keyboardist Teresa DeRush.

What began as a memorial dedicated to a beloved Grand Junction musician rapidly evolved into an emotional music festival hosting hundreds of friends. Take a look at this amazing tribute to a cherished Western Colorado artist.

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Grand Junction Colorado Pays Tribute to Teresa DeRush

Teresa Kathleen DeRush, born March 3, 1952, was a well-known Western Colorado vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. The program from her memorial reads, "Her life was an extraordinary one. Her military upbringing saw her in Alaska, Kansas, Colorado, Washington, and even Puerto Rico.

In addition, Teresa graduated with a Master's in Counseling from Adams State College. She and her sister Becky worked for nearly 20 years as facilitators at Dos Rios Counseling, offering one of the first Spanish programs in the Mesa County area.

Teresa passed away Thursday, April 20th, " the peaceful sanctuary of her home, surrounded by love and flowers."

Performing In Grand Junction, Colorado

I first met Teresa in 1993 while she was performing at what I believe was called the Peach Tree. She performed a solo act with vocals and guitar, doing mostly Peter, Paul, and Mary covers, and a few tunes from Fleetwood Mac and Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

The crowd at her memorial confirms the fact Teresa was the one musician in Western Colorado everyone knew. Regardless of their preferred genres, anyone and everyone who ever strummed a guitar or played a set of drums knew Teresa.

Gathering Of Friends On Sunday

Dozens of performers, along with hundreds of fans, gathered at a private residence near Gunnison Avenue and 30 Road in Grand Junction to honor Teresa. A large stage, complete with a house sound and a production crew, was on hand to make the magic happen.

This amazing day of music unfolded as smoothly and professionally as any concert festival in history. Bands had start times, end times, soundchecks, and roadies.

A Poem About Teresa

The following poem, written by Susan Cypher, was shared the day Teresa died.

She rose like fire and thunder, magic on the stage, implacable, unstoppable, with an entrancing powerful voice.
Passion she had in abundance and she lived loudly, fully, with pain driven down deep, her own, not for sharing.
She gave of herself freely, laughed loudly, and we, her enthralled public, and friends, bathed in the sound and storm of her presence.
Now, her voice is silenced, heard only now in the echo chamber of our minds. But I guarantee there will be other souls, on the other side, she will talk into joining her jam. Perhaps, if we listen hard enough, in the silence, we will hear…Listen. - Susan Cypher

 Western Colorado Comes Together To Pay Tribute

The gallery below contains a handful of images of those who performed at the memorial for Teresa DeRush. You're bound to recognize some, if not all, of the local talents who came together to honor their friend.

Grand Junction Colorado Musicians Gather To Honor Teresa DeRush

On Sunday, June 4, 2023, dozens of musicians from Grand Junction and other Colorado communities gathered to pay tribute to Teresa DeRush. For the better part of the day, a variety of artists and bands took the stage to perform their tribute to the late troubadour.

Teresa DeRush, a Western Colorado fixture, performed throughout the region for several decades. On April 20, 2023, Teresa passed away in the peaceful sanctuary of her home, surrounded by love and flowers. On June 4, 2023, her friends and family gathered to pay tribute and keep the music alive.

Here's a look at the performers who took the stage at a private residence in the 30 Road and Gunnison Avenue area of Grand Junction.

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