A woman in her mid-40s from Colorado Springs, Colorado, hopes to win the crown in a national mullet competition.

Mullet Champ is on a quest to find the best "Femullet," as in a female mullet. Registration has ended, and the contestants have been named. One of the finalists is Colorado's very own Kristen Dabdoub.

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The Pursuit of America's Best Femullet

This is serious business. For years now, the organization Mullet Champ has hosted competitions flaunting the most excellent of hairstyles, the mullet.

The organization hosts several competitions including men's mullets, women's, and even a kid's competition.

The National Femullet Showdown

Registration in this category ended May 17, 2023. We now have our competitors. What's in it for the winner of the "2023 Locks of Glory"?

The winners in the "Mullet Majesty" competition receive:

  • 3rd Place - $100
  • 2nd Place - $250
  • 1st Place - $1,000

Colorado's Only Competitor To Make This Round

Please congratulate Kristen Dabdoub of Colorado Springs. Kristen entered the competition with her chosen hairstyle, what she calls the "Mid Life Crisis." Kristen wrote on her profile at Mulletchamp:

The day before my 44th birthday I was joking around with my wife and told her I was going to get a mullet. To my surprise she said I could get a mullet cut if I wanted to. I responded, "Don't tempt me." When she explained she was serious, I immediately made an appointment for a haircut. The next day, I celebrated my 44th birthday with a new hairstyle. - Kristen Dabdoub

Mullet Championships Colorado Competitor profile
mulletchamp.com / Canva

Stiff Competition From Around The United States

Kristen is up against some tough competition. She is the only competitor to represent the Centennial State. Looking at the competitors, it appears as though Portland, Oregon, and the state of New Mexico have produced a number of strong competitors.

How To Support Kristen and Colorado

Mullet Champ invites you to vote for your favorite Femullet. Each vote counts towards the overall score of the contestant.

Second, donations will be made to Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors, with each donation made on behalf of the contestant of your choice. The amount of money raised for charity contributes to the overall score of the contestant.

Third, Mullet Champ's panel of judges will critique each mullet based on the following criteria:

  • length
  • style
  • uniqueness
  • showmanship

When it is all said and done, the culmination of the three aspects of the contest will determine the winner.

This is all in fun and ultimately benefits a great cause. Please vote today. Keep your eyes on this organization and its upcoming competitions. Historically, Colorado has made a strong showing in these competitions.

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