Colorado is preparing for spring, which means getting the grill ready in the backyard. The smell of a charcoal grill always reminds me of the big family picnics from my childhood when the family was huge, and so were our cookouts.

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Maybe you are planning a get-to-gether for Memorial Day weekend? Will you be cooking on the grill? What are some of your favorite foods to prepare outdoors with friends?

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Grilling Season in Western Colorado

When's the best time to start grilling? Usually, anytime after the coals reach about 450 degrees. Many Coloradans grill outdoors year-round. Each season brings its reasons for firing up the grill. Fresh trout in the spring, peaches in June, tomatoes in July, watermelon in September, grilled venison backstrap in the fall, and plenty more reasons to keep the grill going year-round.

Grilling Oddities in Colorado

Do you use propane or charcoal when you grill? I've heard from folks who stopped using charcoal when they came to Colorado saying it didn't burn right at a higher elevation. This is a myth. It's this author's opinion that many grills are made on the cheap with poor ventilation, it's not that the air is so thin you can't cook with charcoal. Find more on this debate here.

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Lots of people like to cook outdoors with propane. Like "Old Faithful" propane cooks pretty clean, and you can use it all winter because it needs to get down to like -44 before it freezes.

Don't Forget the Palisade Peaches

Keep scrolling to see what Western Colorado had to say about their favorite foods to cook on the grill. There are some great ideas for fresh fruits and veggies, and a reminder of a couple of classics we can't wait to revisit.

Colorado's Favorite Foods to Cook on the Grill

Warmer weather in Colorado means getting the grill ready for cookouts in the backyard. What is one of your favorite foods to cook on the grill? We asked you to tell us your favorites with our station app. Check out the 12 most popular answers below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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