If you have visited Ouray, Colorado, during the summer months to hike the Perimeter Trail, chances are you have walked right past the entrance to the Ouray Ice Park.

Winter is here, and ice climbing season at Colorado's premier ice climbing venue is about to get underway. Two must-see events in January are designed to showcase Ouray and to invite new visitors to enjoy winter in the San Juans.

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Colorado's Ice Park in Ouray

The Ouray Ice Park is at 280 Co Road 361 in Ouray, Colorado. It is the largest man-made ice-climbing park on planet Earth. The Ouray Ice Park includes more than 150 named ice and mixed climbs spanning nearly two miles inside the Uncompahgre Gorge.

All In Ice Festival

The All In Ice Fest is coming to the Ouray Ice Park from January 5th to the 7th. If you are interested in learning more about ice climbing and want to ask the experts, this is the event for you. Many workshops include a day in the classroom, a day in the ice park, and 1-day climbing ice in the backcountry around Ouray.

Ouray Ice Festival and Competition

Ouray Ice Festival and Competition is the big event at the ice park each winter. This year's event takes place from January 18th to the 21st in 2024. The weekend includes a Saturday dance party called the "Pretzl Fest," and events that attract ice climbers from all over the world.

Keep going to learn thirteen cool facts you may not have known about the Ouray Ice Park.

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