Every time I go enjoy breakfast at Grand Junction's Pufferbelly Restaurant, I usually try to walk off the giant pancakes by walking around the Union Depot train station for a couple of laps before I try to drive home.

Ya can't live in Colorado and not hold a special place in your heart for the railroad. Now there is another reason to stop by Grand Junction's train station, and that's to see an impressive new mural that was just unveiled.

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Grand Junction's Newest Mural At Union Depot

New Mural at Union Depot in Grand Junction
TSM GJ W Adams

Grand Junction's Union Depot is at 119 Pitkin Avenue. Earlier in the week a brand-new mural was unveiled at the train station which is sure to catch the eye of those passing by. The mural was commissioned to draw attention to the renovations at Grand Junction's Union Depot and to showcase our city's connection to the railroad.

Congrats to Local Spray Artist Jeremy Velasquez.

New mural at Grand Junction's Union Depot.
TSM GJ W Adams

Local spray paint artist Jeremy Velasquez.did a fantastic job on this mural! The next time you are downtown, stop by and look at the colors just jump off this rail car. It is located right next to the train platform, where it was placed to be able to give people passing through on board the trains a proper glimpse of Grand Junction. A cool historical timeline decorates the bottom of the mural highlighting the different trains that ride the rails through Colorado.

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Grand Junction's Union Depot is serviced by Amtrak's California Zephyr line which runs from Chicago to the California Bay. This is the same line that lots of people use to ride the train back and forth between the Western Slope and Denver.

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