Earlier this year, the city of Denver voted 10-3 to decriminalize Jaywalking in the metro area. Across the rest of the state, Jaywalking is still against state law and remains illegal in most cities.
What exactly is Jaywalking, and what is the penalty in Colorado for doing it? Scroll on to dive deeper into the pedestrian laws designed to keep you and others safe while crossing the street in Grand Junction or any place else in Colorado.

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What is Jaywalking?

According to the Fang Law Firm, Jaywalking is walking on the roadway or crossing a road unlawfully and without regard for oncoming traffic. Mom always said, "Look both ways before you cross the street', yet we still need a law to keep people from walking out into traffic.

Jaywalking in Colorado is a Class B Traffic Infraction punishable by fines totaling up to $100.

Pedestrian Laws in the Centennial State

Anyone who wants to go out walking, jogging, or running in Colorado should know the pedestrian laws before hitting the streets. These laws have been created to help keep you safe, and abiding by them will help you avoid accidents, injury, or even death. Colorado's pedestrian laws include laws for both marked and unmarked intersections and crosswalks.

Marked Intersection

In Colorado, a marked intersection is one with working traffic signals. As a pedestrian, you must yield to traffic and follow the flashing traffic controls that direct you to walk or stop.

Unmarked Intersection

In Colorado, an unmarked intersection is a stop sign or four-way stop. You as the pedestrian, have the right of way at these intersections. Drivers must stop and yield to allow you to cross first. A Pedestrian is not allowed to just walk out in front of traffic here. Do not step off the curb when cars are close enough to be dangerous.

Unmarked Crosswalk

If a crosswalk has been painted on the ground, a pedestrian has the right of way at that intersection. All cars must yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk on your side of the road.

Why is Jaywalking Dangerous?

Simply put Jaywalking is dangerous because drivers are not expecting people to just walk out on the road. You could be struck or injured by a vehicle, and the whole mess could end up being your fault. If the pedestrian is 50% at fault for an accident involving Jaywalking, they will not be able to recover damages in the state of Colorado.

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