The most dangerous creature in North America will soon be on the hunt throughout the Centennial State. These stealthy blood-suckers don't care if you are Front Range or Western Slope, they are hungry and ready to feed in Grand Junction.

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With all the great outdoor activities in the Centennial State like the Colorado National Monument, Jackalopes Baseball at Suplizio Field, or Grand Mesa hike you will encounter mosquitoes. So what are some ways you can help to avoid being eaten alive this summer? It could be as easy as switching your summer wardrobe.

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Stinky Remedies and Repellants

Did you know that egg cartons and cardboard drink holders can help keep mosquitos away? Light them on fire, then blow out the flame to let them smolder. Mosquitos also can't stand the smell of coffee. Sprinkle your used coffee grounds in the garden and the backyard and you will encounter fewer mosquitos this summer. Find more DIY repellents from the folks at

A Colorful Study

A study completed by the University of Washington says mosquitos use their sense of smell and sight to target a host they can feed off of. Mosquitos can smell the C02 you exhale out of your lungs, and as soon as they smell it, they begin a visual scan which further helps them lock on to the nearby host. They scan for specific colors and patterns while ignoring others.

Keep scrolling as we explain in the photo gallery below which colors will attract mosquitos to you, and which colors can trick them into leaving you alone this summer.

The Colors and Scents Mosquitos Love and Hate

Avoid being eaten alive by mosquitos this summer by giving yourself a fighting chance with these DIY repellents you can use today. Please scroll through the gallery below to find out what colors attract these little blood-suckers, which colors they ignore, and what kinds of scents will keep them away all day.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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