Horsethief Canyon is a beautiful place to visit just outside of Grand Junction, Colorado. You can access views of the canyon from several places in Fruita and Loma, but one of the best ways to view it is to float right down the Colorado River.

Did you know some of the best camping in Mesa County is along the river in this Canyon? It's also one of the best places to access bucket-list hikes like the one to Rattlesnake Arches.

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Western Colorado's Horsethief Canyon

The files at the Mesa County Library make mention of an oral interview given by George Knowles. George said that old Horsethief Canyon was named after a young man Heber Young. Young was said to be a member of the Mormon faith who lived near the mouth of the canyon and used the trail to purchase horses stolen from other Mormons in Utah.

View the Canyon from Both Sides of the River

You can look into Horsethief Canyon from the South of the Colorado River by driving into the Horsethief Canyon State Wildlife Area and stopping at the viewpoints. You can check out the canyon from the North of the river by hiking the Rustlers Loop Trail in the Kokopelli Trail Area near Loma or riding a mountain bike down Marys Loop to the Horsethief Canyon Bench.

Floating the Colorado River through Horsetheif Canyon

Probably the best way to enjoy Horsethief Canyon today is by floating from the boat launch in Loma, Colorado down to Westwater, Utah. Getting a permit to stay at one of the riverside campsites is a breathtaking way to enjoy the Colorado River. You can find out more about all the campsites and permits by tapping this link. 

Scroll on to learn 12 facts about Colorado's Horsethief Canyon as we float the river with Youtubers HandsOnAnAdventure in the photo gallery below.

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