There is a reason we all say West Slope/Best Slope in Western Colorado. Today, we will scroll through twelve of Colorado's best-hidden gems and travel destinations.

Rugged canyons, incredible geological formations, rivers, reservoirs, and Colorado wine country are all waiting to be explored in and around the Grand Junction area.

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Colorado's Lesser-Known Travel Destinations

Is there a destination on Colorado's Western Slope that you recommend to family or friends who are visiting? What is a location around Grand Junction you would recommend they check out? Today we will zoom in on the following hidden gems...

Scroll on to see why these places are some of Western Colorado's hidden gems.

What are the Prettiest Places in Western Colorado?

Is there a better view in Mesa County than on top of the Grand Mesa? Is there a better place to watch the sunset than over a Colorado wine orchard? From hidden overlooks to Grand Junction's downtown art scene, scroll on to find out more about our picks for Grand Junction's hidden gems in the photo gallery below.

What is the Most Secluded Place in Western Colorado?

The most secluded destination on our list of twelve hidden gems in Western Colorado is probably the Dominguez Escalante Conservation Area. While you may hike all day and never see another soul, these rugged canyons are home to incredible views, ancient petroglyphs, and lots of wildlife.

Hidden Gems: 12 Lesser-Known Travel Destinations in and around Grand Junction Colorado

While everyone waits in long lines on Colorado's Front Range, we're over here on the Western Slope enjoying some of Colorado's best-hidden gems with no waiting. Scroll on to see 12 attractions that should be on your bucket list the next time you are anywhere near Grand Junction.

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