Have you ever taken a look out the window early in the morning only to see an unexpected guest in the backyard? Not your neighbor, we're talking about wildlife.

The wildlife in Colorado is incredible. I've lived in 9 states, and nothing compares to what you see here in the Centennial State. To prove this, we turned the question over to you to find out what kinds of wildlife you have seen in your yard around Grand Junction. Keep going to see comments of all the critters you spotted in town.

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What Critters Have You Spotted in Your Yard?

In the last year, bears, bobcats, elk, deer, and other wildlife have all been spotted in the Grand Valley. Some of these creatures like to hang out in places they should not be. Click here to see a recent visit by a mountain lion to Grand Junction.

FB user Kimmy Potts sent us the cutest video of a raccoon hiding under her deck. Amie Coombs sent in a photo of a couple of cute foxes she saw while walking near Corn Lake in Grand Junction.

What Does the Fox Say?

I'm surprised at how many fox sightings we had overall. Those little fellas are everywhere right now. Usually, these are cute little Kit Foxes that live out in the wash in Mesa and Montrose counties. The Kit Fox are North America's smallest foxes weighing no more than three to six pounds.

Who Should You Call to Remove Wildlife?

Mesa County Animal Services can assist with most small animals. They can be reached at 970-242-4646. MCAC covers all areas of the county including Grand Junction, Fruita, and Palisade.

Bears, mountain lions, moose, elk, deer, and other larger animals in conflict with humans should be reported to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The Grand Junction office can be reached at 970 255-6100.

Keep going to see what critters have been spotted in some of our yards around the Grand Junction area.

Grand Junction, Colorado Spotted These Animals Out in the Yard

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