It may surprise some people who visit Colorado's Western Slope that the high desert is a foodie's paradise. From fine dining to fast food, whatever you have a taste for isn't very far away.

We asked you to tell us about your favorite restaurant in Fruita/Grand Junction that deserves to be famous. Maybe your favorite restaurant isn't "famous," but it SHOULD be. Those are the places we want to hear about on our station app.

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Famous Restaurants From Grand Junction's Past

Grand Junction has seen several great restaurants come and go over the years. Many of us are still sad to see the weekend buffet at Golden Corral go after they closed their doors last month. Can you think of a restaurant in the Grand Valley that everyone loved while it was open? How about WW Peppers? We miss our pepper rolls and chimichangas.

The Most Mentions So Far

Favorites like Cattlemen's in Loma, Randy's in Grand Junction, and Fiesta Guadalajara in Grand Junction have earned the most mentions so far. Places like Graff Dairy, Hot Tomato, and Pufferbelly are feeling the love too. What other restaurants deserve to be famous in western Colorado?

Local Restaurants That Belong on TV

The last time we asked which local restaurant most belonged on TV, the winner was Munchies Pizza and Deli in Fruita, Colorado. This great local business has been feeding us our favorites since 1979. Munchies is off 340 in Fruita before you get to the Monument.

Keep scrolling to see which restaurants you told us SHOULD be famous in the Grand Valley.

20 Restaurants That Deserve To Be Most Famous in Grand Junction

There are famous restaurants, and then there are restaurants that SHOULD be famous but aren't yet. What are your favorite restaurants in Grand Junction that should be famous? Is it a restaurant from days gone by, or one waiting to impress us right now? Open our station app to tell us your favorite restaurant so we can add it to the list below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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Western Colorado is full of great places to eat that have become some of our favorites over the years. Grand Junction is full of great local families that are running successful businesses. We asked you to tell us some of your favorite restaurants that you think belong on TV. Keep going to check out our nominees.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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