Do you know someone who can not drive past a garage sale in Colorado without stopping to look around for a moment? I avoid garage sales so that I stay away from the temptation of something nostalgic with a low-priced sticker on it cause I'll probably start thinking of buying it. Do people still use pricing stickers at garage sales?

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The only thing that will make me stop and look at a Fruita/Grand Junction garage sale is furniture. Sometimes a dresser or work desk is a great find, but there are several things you should never buy at a garage sale. I can think of ten of them to include in the photo gallery below.

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Garage Sale Season Is Coming

March, April, and May are the most popular months for garage sales as people are doing spring cleaning and are just anxious to get outside. However, plenty of people will shop at a garage sale in September or October, and you will encounter far less competition in the fall.

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Best Day For A Garage Sale? says the most successful day for a garage sale is a Saturday, but remember to check the forecast. Bargain hunters like to stop at a garage sale between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. before the temperature gets too warm. A little promotion goes a long way too. Post a couple of "garage sale" signs in approved places and you may see more traffic. You can also make a quick video and share it on social media to spread the word.

10 Garage Sale Finds To Pass By

Sometimes an item at a garage sale feels like a great find, and then you find out it was not. Avoid the bargain hunter blues by checking out a list of items you should not buy at a garage sale no matter how low the price is.

10 Items You Should Never Buy At A Colorado Garage Sale

Get ready for garage sale season by reviewing this list of items you should never buy at a garage sale in Colorado. Avoid the disappointment from a bargain gone bad by scrolling through this list of garage sale no-nos.

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How many times per week do you visit your local Walmart store? It can be pretty convenient to run in for a gallon of milk, or to stop at the pharmacy, but when was the last time you did a little price checking at your local box store? Let's take a look at ten items recently listed by

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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